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Vestibular Physical Therapy Near Me

Your vestibular system is a sensory system that provides the brain with information about motion, head position, and spatial orientation; it’s also involved with motor functions that allow us to keep our balance, stabilize our head and body during movement, and maintain posture.

It consists of the two organs that are found in your inner ear.

The vestibular centers in your midbrain and cerebellum, which are parts of your brain, connect to the vestibular nerves.

This system pretty much affects the majority of your movements, which is why if you felt any minor discomfort regarding that system, you should go for vestibular physical therapy near me as fast as possible.

What does your vestibular system do?

Your head tilt, head rotation, forward or backward, and up and down motions are all measured by the vestibular organs, which are located in your inner ears and act as sensors.

Because it is formed of a network of interconnected loops and semicircular canals, it is frequently referred to as a labyrinth.

Your inner ear organ is connected to your midbrain and cerebellum, which are located near the back of your head, by a nerve called the vestibular nerve.

These vestibular nerves are responsible for delivering information about motion from the inner ears to the brain so that it can be processed.

Further things to know about your vestibular system

Your brain processes information from the organs in your inner ear, but it also receives backup information from other senses.

Such as your eyesight, the joints, muscles, and tendons throughout your body, from hearing and touch, and even from functions such as memory and emotion.

It is then responsible for transmitting nerve signals to the muscles in your eyes, and trunk.

Along with limbs, ensure that you react in the most suitable manner possible to each circumstance.

What happens if the system is infected?

The most common symptoms you can experience are:

1- dizziness while turning your head
2- dizziness while crossing the street
3- having a hard time turning directions in your daily life

When the vestibular system has a problem, the central nervous system can compensate for the inner ears’ decreased function.

To put it simply, your brain tries to compensate for the vestibular system function with other parts which makes your vestibular system lazy. And that can give a wrong indication by decreasing the symptoms but that doesn’t mean your vestibular system is working properly

Now that you know everything regarding that system, go search for vestibular physical therapy near me and begin your physical therapy.

Some vestibular physical therapy exercises you need to check out:

⦿Gaze Stabilization
⦿Balance Training

What is vestibular therapy?

Vestibular therapy, also known as vestibular rehabilitation therapy, is a specific form of physiotherapy.

That is recommended to treat and alleviate the symptoms that are caused by vestibular disorders.

It frequently entails manual head rotations or a progressive regimen of exercises meant to alleviate vertigo and dizziness, as well as visual difficulties and/or imbalance and falls.

If you are thinking about what’s probably the best vestibular therapy near me we recommend Hands of Hope.

Why is Hands of Hope the best place to go for vestibular physical therapy?

If you’re still wondering and searching for vestibular physical therapy near me here’s why we are your best choice.

⦿Every doctor on our staff is a skilled professional who works tirelessly to safeguard the health and well-being of our patients.
⦿We appreciate your decision to work with whoever makes you most comfortable.
⦿Interacting with patients is one of our favorite parts of the job.
⦿To ensure that our patients receive the best possible care, we use only the most effective procedures.
⦿Using manual modalities, patient education and the supply of exercises specifically tailored to fit the needs of each patient is a major aspect of our therapeutic philosophy.

•We are open early mornings and evening hours for your convenience.
•We have specialized physical therapists in different fields of physical therapy.
•We are conveniently located in different areas of NYC for your convenience.
•We care about the patient experience and rehab journey as much as the clinical part of the rehab.

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