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VR Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation NYC

Have you ever imagined your physical therapy session in a soccer field, a shopping mall or even a large garden? That’s what Virtual Reality Rehabilitation NYC is all about.  

VR clinic offers advanced and accelerated healthcare

Specific Virtual Reality Rehabilitation programs are designed to lower stress-levels and ensure that you will get through the week much easier, with all the positive consequences that entail, these VR programs use beautiful environments combined with specially developed binaural audio. 

VR can help you treat many conditions as:

Neurological Conditions

Using VR is an effective and engaging way to improve upper or lower extremity coordination and balance during physical therapy. It helps in many conditions like :

.         1-Parkinson’s disease

·        2-Multiple sclerosis

·        3-Stroke

·        4-Cervical myelopathy

·        5-Spinal cord injury

Any neurological injury that causes difficulty with normal movement may benefit from the use of VR in physical therapy.

Vestibular Rehab and balance system

Your vestibular system works to coordinate your head movements and positions with your eye movements. Sometimes, an impairment in your vestibular system may cause vertigo and difficulty maintaining upright positions. VR helps in vestibular conditions like:

 1- Motor dysfunctions

2-Balance problems

3-Vertigo and Dizziness 

Virtual reality headsets may be used to create situations that challenge your visual system while you are in vestibular rehab.

Sports injuries and orthopedic conditions

If you are having shoulder pain and have a difficult time reaching, you may enjoy a physical therapy session with a virtual reality device. While wearing the VR headset, video may be displayed that requires you to reach overhead in various direction. VR helps in multiple orthopedic conditions like :

1- Ankle sprains

2-  Shoulder pain and impingement

3-   After ankle, knee, or hip surgery

4-   Back pain, neck pain, and associated radiculopathies

5-    Chronic pain management

And we also have programs that provide Stress relief therapy


Virtual Reality Rehabilitation NYC

VR clinic offers advanced and accelerated healthcare


VR is the “gamification” of treatment that spices up therapy in ways you couldn't imagine before and it will make you entertained, focused, and more motivated to beat previous scores.

Accelerated care

According to Science direct research, VR-based exercise therapy has been considered for the improvement of pain (41%), functional ability (31%), and muscular strength (24%) compared to other exercises

VR breaks “I can't do this mindset”

VR breaks “I can't do this mindset” in injured patients. With VR, you can project yourself into healthy avatars which will drive you to exercise harder and longer while improving your functional outcomes.

Virtual Reality can help create environments that allow users to practice a variety of cognitive skills in a tailor made environment. The gamification of the simulations is what makes VR an excellent tool for cognitive function intervention making the rehabilitation tasks and process seem more engaging and appear as less of a routine

Virtual environments

The advantage of virtual reality is that the possibilities are essentially endless. Virtual environments can be customized by designing tasks that fit the individual’s cognitive and physical conditions, which is critical in maximizing brain reorganization and reactivating those brain areas involved in motor planning, learning, and execution as well as in maintaining engagement.

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