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Here at Hands Of Hope Physical Therapy, we have adapted to pandemic guidelines by setting up scheduled video visits where you can meet one-on-one with one of our professional physical therapists via webcam or phone and conduct a remote session to follow up on your plan of care and home exercise program.

While video conferencing online solutions are not as effective as in-person sessions, we always urge our patients to educate themselves about their conditions and do their ‘homework’ by reading up on their injury, watching online videos on particular exercises and even teleconferencing with Hands of Hope NYC Physical Therapists to ensure correct and effective exercises and stretches before doing extra work at home or continuing their treatment if they are unable to leave the house.

Please feel free to book a session and just click on ‘Video’ at the top, then search for the next available session that is convenient for you.

COVID adapted telemedicine physical therapy new york

Hands of Hope NY

While we support our patients no matter what their health status or location, we strongly recommend at least the first session to be in-person, in order to get an assessment and have the patient learn the stretches and get a feel for them, so they can instinctively follow remotely in subsequent remote sessions.

Hands of hope NY

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