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Home Exercise Program (HEP)

Since we began practicing, we encourage our patients to do some exercises at home because we believe that this is very important in speeding up and completing recovery along with in-clinic visits. We have seen the additional progress of the HEP with many of our dedicateded patients.

As physical therapy in a lot of cases encourages lifestyle modifications and behavioural changes; it’s important to continue doing the right things at home.

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home exercise program

Hands of Hope NY

Support your recovery with HEP

Train anywhere!

Considering the new normal and the need for adapting life to pandemic guidelines, we have been implementing the Home Exercises Program so patients who can’t often come to the clinic continue doing their part at home.

Patient-centric treatment

At Hands of Hope NYC we are dedicated to our patients’ path to healing and recovery and willing to go to any lengths to ensure patients stay committed to their exercise regimen so that nothing can get in the way of progressive improvement in their functionality. 

Home treatment

While video library and video  conferencing online solutions are not as effective as in-person sessions, we always urge our patients to educate themselves about their conditions and do their ‘homework’ by reading up on their injury, watching online videos on particular exercises and even teleconferencing with Hands of Hope NYC Physical Therapists to ensure correct and effective exercises and tips, before doing extra work at home or continuing their treatment if they are unable to leave the house.

Ongoing pain and function monitoring

Video visits can help monitor correct application of techniques and are a useful way to check in on patients who can't move freely to one of our clinic. They can keep up their exercise regimen from the comfort of their own home assisted by a physical therapist as if by their side!
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HEP patient education