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aquatic therapy nyc


One of our most unique therapies , Aqua therapy helps in improving a lot of conditions related sports injuries , joints pain, neurological rehab and joint replacements

APOS health

APOS therapy is the new innovation in treating low back and lower extremity pain. It's a customized shoe that changes the way you load on your joints and your muscle activation while walking. And the best of it, you can wear it at home while doing your regular routine

therapeutic exercise hands of hope physical therapy brooklyn new york

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises include physical activities designed specifically to improve strengthening, endurance training, range of motion and flexibility. These activities are usually directed at tackling a lack of strength, loss of mobility, balance or coordination resulting from a specific injury

maual therapy physical therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is not the same as regular massage. Techniques include mobilization or manipulation of soft tissue and skeletal joints. Manual therapy techniques are designed to reduce pain , increase ROM , give more flexibility and increase function.

normatec compression post workout recovery hands of hope physical therapy queens new york

Normatec Compression

Normatec Compression helps in various conditions like lymphedema and sports injuries. Devices that attach to the arms, hips and legs. These are sophisticated systems that effectively mimic the natural motions of the arms and legs to remove metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity.

VR_1 copy

VR Rehabilitation

Have you ever imagined your physical therapy session in a soccer field , a shopping mall or even a large garden ? That’s what VR is all about.  VR clinic offers advanced and accelerated healthcare​ as VR breaks “I can't do this mindset” by using virtual environments and turning you into healthy avatar which can do anything


Kinesio Tape relieves pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopic lifting of the skin. It also supports your joints and makes the movement easier.

ankle pain treatment pt brooklyn new york hands of hope

Ice Massage

Cryotherapy or Ice massage helps in healing the muscles and decrease inflammation. We use it as post exercise tool too to help recovery of the muscles

COVID adapted telemedicine physical therapy new york


Here at Hands Of Hope Physical Therapy, we have adapted to pandemic guidelines by setting up scheduled video visits where you can meet one-on-one with one of our professional physical therapists via webcam or phone and conduct a remote session
to follow up on your plan of care and home exercise program.

interferential electrotherapy hands of hope pt brooklyn new york


Electrotherapy is a broad term that includes many currents that help in the rehab programs to reduce pain and stimulate muscle activations along with other benifits

parafin wax treatment

Paraffin Wax therapy

Paraffin heat can soothe chronic joint pain, loosen joints prior to exercise, assist muscles in recovering after exercise, relax stiff muscles and increase range of motion, all while rejuvenating the skin.

home workout program plan explained hands of hope pt brooklyn new york

Home Exercise Program

We have seen the additional progress of the HEP with many patients. As physical therapy in a lot of cases encourages lifestyle modifications and behavioral changes so it’s important to continue doing the right things at home

tracker laser cervical proprioception pt hands of hope brooklyn nyc

Tracker Laser

The Tracker Laser is a new device that allows physical therapists to help patients with strength and proprioception problems following a variety of sports-related injuries and concussions along other conditions