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Where To Find a Sports Rehabilitation Center Near Me?

Sports help you live a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time it may cause injuries, which drives you to ask: “where to find a sports rehabilitation center near me?”.

Sports injuries can happen at any time, but this shouldn’t disrupt your journey in sports.

Well, in case you are an athlete looking for the best place that provides the best sports rehabilitation services, you can find what you need at Hands of Hope.

Sports therapy and rehabilitation

At Hands of Hope, we provide a unique sports rehabilitation program using a therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively treat pain, recover from and prevent injury, in addition to maintaining their health and fitness to achieve optimal performance.

Sports injury rehabilitation has the ability to treat pain and injuries and can help you back to your normal life very soon.

Our team is trained to work with athletes, and they are highly qualified to know the rehabilitation program that fits every athlete.

How long will it take to heal from sports injuries?

The therapist and athlete will work together to get the full recovery, but how long it takes, depends on your situation and your progress, according to the following:

1- The reason behind the injury.

2- The type of injury.

3- Managing pain and mending injuries.

4- Progress towards functional goals.

Sports rehabilitation programs we offer at Hands of Hope

In case you are asking: “where to find a sports rehabilitation center near me?” here are the rehabilitation programs we offer at Hands of Hope:

1- Resuming Athletic Training:

At Hands of Hope, we use the newest techniques and equipment to provide you with the best care.

2- Normatec Compression Therapy:

Normatec has been named by Runner’s World magazine’s editors as the “best after-running technology to help runners recover”.

This innovative technology uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches and/or pain and temporarily increase circulation to the treated areas.

3- Underwater Resistance Therapy (Underwater Treadmill):

Aquatic therapy NYC is one of the unique specialty physio service that you can find in our Hands of Hope clinics, It’s considered to be one of the most effective methods in rebuilding muscle memory. Because of the resistance and viscosity of the water, that allows the brain to process the order of movement and rebuild the muscle properly.

Looking for a sports rehabilitation therapist?

You don’t have to ask; how can I find a sports rehabilitation center near me? Because Hands of Hope is nearby you in New York City.

Our branches are ready to welcome you, and our experienced team is here to help you reach a full recovery.
We consider our patients progress and success stories, our own. As a family, we are inspired by and proud of every step they take towards recovery.

At Hands of Hope, we support the cultural diversity of NYC, Our team of qualified physical therapists can speak multiple languages.
Contact Hands of Hope to know more about sports injury rehabilitation NYC.

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