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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Treatment of Vestibular Rehabilitation

Your ear is a complex system of bones and cartilages. Within it is a network of canals. These are called semicircular canals. The canals are filled with fluid. The position of the fluid changes with movement. A sensor in the ear then sends the information to your brain to contribute to your sense of balance. These and other delicate parts make up the vestibular system. Balance disorders can strike at any age.

Vestibular disorders can affect orientation and balance. If you are experiencing hearing changes, dizziness or even vertigo these could point to a vestibular balance disorder. Common causes include infections, medicine, calcium debris in your semicircular canals, inner ear problems such as poor blood circulation in the ear and problems rooted in the brain such as traumatic brain injury.

Treatment for Vestibular Balance Disorder

To identify the true scope of your vestibular dysfunction, we examine you and build a treatment strategy that works best for your body and overall health. Vestibular rehabilitation therapies include exercises for balance retraining, gaze stabilization exercises, practice of sensory organization, aerobic conditioning, and care for BPPV of canalith repositioning.

 This largely depends on the underlying causes and usually include medicine, rehabilitation and even lifestyle changes. Vestibular Physical Therapy NYC can greatly help vestibular symptoms. It’s the first line of treatment before medications and surgeries and it can help in a variety of vestibular conditions.


Vestibular Physical Therapy NYC

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Vestibular Physical Therapy NYC

Our Vestibular Physical Therapy NYC And Vestibular Rehab program addresses all aspects of specific issue so we can develop an individualized treatment plan depending on your specific issues. Our main goal is to return back to your daiy life in a better and more balanced way

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