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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint, mostly due to poor posture. There are several other reasons for having neck problems and our orthopaedic physical therapists are well experienced to treat most neck problems.

Neck pain can start out as a headache or dull pain, then increase in pain till it restricts everyday activities. It can also cause problems with other areas of the body including shoulders, back and even head. Here at Hands of Hope NY we recognize the neck is one of the most common injuries and we treat a variety of patients from young athletes to senior citizens with the most common causes being;

– Recreational activities

– Sports

– Car accidents

– Years of bad posture

– Sitting at a computer too long

– Or even high levels of stress, causing tension in the shoulders or neck.

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We see a lot of patients who work for many hours and have a stressful lifestyle which increases their neck pain whatever the reason is.

A few simple exercises encouraging range of motion and flexibility enhancing activities such as yoga and Tai Chi can be great preventative measures for neck pain and neck constriction. 

Quick tip: Include some of the following neck exercises in the infographic below to your morning exercise routine and you will feel more loose and limber! Remember to go slow and stop if there is any pain

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Cervical Proprioception Impairment


The area of the spine at the neck region has a delicate system (cervical proprioceptive system) which plays a crucial role in posture and balance. Since neck pain is common but its cause and treatment are hard to narrow down, we have found at Hands of Hope NYC one of the main reasons of neck pain is the impairment of of cervical proprioception and we have sensorimotor tests that we can carry out to evaluate patients with chronic neck pain.

Sensorimotor skills are those we use to take in information about the world through our senses and to develop our body’s movement, or motor in response to this information (if we need to jump out of the way of a speeding bicycle that we see headed our way, for instance).

The latest research suggests that exercises such as the Cervical Joint Position which uses an accurate tracker laser. are very effective in re-training muscle coordination and improving cervical proprioception i.e. helping improve balance and posture.

Neck pain physical therapy

Neck pain physical therapy at Hands of Hope NYC employs a range of stretches, range of motion exercises, manual therapy, heat, electric stimulation and most importantly progressive therapies to improve function and movement of the neck while always mitigating pain. As a general rule, we encourage our patients to do the hard work to help the healing process, but always putting patient safety first and going at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Most common neck problems :

1- Cervical radiculopathy
2-Tension headaches
3-Cervical postural disorder
4- Whiplash injuries
5- Cervical disc prolapse

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