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Elbow Injuries

One of the most common injuries we see at Hands of Hope NYC is elbow fractures , dislocations and tennis elbow. The latter is not as serious or painful as the first two.

(1) Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is when the muscles connected to the outer portion of your elbow become inflamed.

elbow pain difference between tennis elbow and golfers elbow


This causes pain and tenderness that radiate down the forearm causing elbow pain as well as weakness of the wrists. This is caused by repetitive movements especially when gripping objects such as steering wheels, golf clubs, tennis racket and even excess in everyday activities such as typing and carpentry. 

Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain gripping objects, pain lifting heavy objects, pain outside of the elbow as well as pain shooting down the forearm. It is treated with rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicine, physical therapy exercises and in serious cases, a corticosteroid injection. 


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Elbow Dislocation​

Elbow conditions heal comparatively quickly compared to other injuries and rarely result in complications with the only caveat being that it is quite painful and often prompts the patient to seek medical attention rather quickly.

  • (2) Elbow dislocation

    Elbow dislocation is one of the rare dislocations that happens usually because of trauma or accident

    Symptoms of A Dislocated Elbow : 
  • Unable to bend arm properly
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Visible out of alignment joint

Treatment for dislocated elbow : 

The doctor will perform a reduction which is basically manipulating the bones to bend back together in the right alignment. A splint or cast is usually worn for 3-4 weeks to help the healing process and anti-inflammatory medicine for the pain. 

Elbow Physical Therapy can be prescribed as an important treatment for the complete healing of the elbow, provided the joints are properly aligned. Our physical therapy program at Hands of Hope NYC is designed to cater to each individual patient’s comfort and our team of supportive and caring physical therapists are committed to helping you heal correctly at a pace that never puts you at risk. If you have been diagnosed with an elbow dislocation, feel free to book an appointment at the Hands of Hope NYC clinic closest to you.

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(3) Biceps Tendon Rupture

Biceps or the guns are attached at the top of the shoulder and below the elbows by a strong tendon which can rip if there is a strong contraction characterized by an audible loud pop in the elbow and intense pain. It is most commonly associated with males above the age of 35 and amongst bodybuilders and avid sports enthusiasts


Treatment for bicep tendon rupture

The key thing to remember is to get medical attention as soon as possible after it happens as normal function and manual labor becomes very difficult with a weak elbow and the issue becomes more complicated to fix the longer a patient waits. 

Hands of Hope NYC highly recommends an individualized, patient-centric approach and you will find we have a specialized program for this injury focused on regaining tendon strength and flexibility but consistent Elbow Physical Therapy sessions are highly recommended. The sooner you come into one of our clinics and the harder you work and push yourself in the exercises, the faster you will return back to your pre-injury self. We give you the hope to heal.

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