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Hands of Hope NY

Specific Injuries

Back is one of the most common areas that a lot of people have issues with. Generally , this is because of our lifestyle and the way we do things, like lifting heavy objects , sitting for long periods of time, etc  


Hip joint problems usually affect the overall function of the lower limb and sometimes lead to compensations in the back.

The knee acts as the fulcrum of the body and is one of the most common areas for musculoskeletal injuries.

The ankle joint is a complicated joint; there are many bones which come together to make up the ankle joint. There are also many ligaments that attach to the bones at the ankle which is very susceptible to injury.

Neck pain is a common complaint, a lot of the time due to poor posture. Our orthopaedic physical therapists are well experienced to treat most neck problems.

The Shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body as it is connected to the neck, thoracic “mid back” and  core muscles; when the shoulder moves, they all move.

Some of the most common injuries we see at Hands of Hope NYC are elbow fractures , dislocations and tennis elbow. The latter is not as serious nor as painful as the first two.

Hands and wrists are vulnerable areas. They are critical for all our functions. Most injuries of the hand affect its function, which is why it is critical to get hand physical therapy.