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Pelvic Floor Therapy NYC

Pelvic floor therapy NYC

Treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction

Male and female pelvic floor dysfunction may occur; ranging from Anterior-Posterior compression fractures to compression injuries or even a twisted pelvis. 

At Hands of Hope NY we are well-equipped to handle pelvic floor rehabilitation. It is usually caused by trauma such as childbirth or accidents that result in pelvic and abdominal injuries, or by improper heavy lifting techniques.

Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction


This can even include incontinence, difficulty controlling bowel and bladder release, painful urination, lower back pain, and sexual side-effects in the form of erectile dysfunction (ED) for men, or sexual intercourse pain for women. Feel free to browse our blog for more education on pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Physical therapy interventions may be used to target pelvic floor dysfunction, with an average of 75% of patients undergoing pelvic floor PT reporting significant overall improvement and functionality. At Hands of Hope NY, our goal is to determine early diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunctions and provide proper therapeutic rehabilitation to restore your normal function.

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