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Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis in the upper and lower extremities can have many causes. Past sports or work-related injuries, overuse or trauma caused by an accident are just some of the possibilities. Over time, our past traumas can result in osteoarthritis in the joints. This can occur in any joint throughout the body, although it is most commonly seen in the knees and hips.
Symptoms of osteoarthritis include joint pain, inflammation, swelling, and crepitus (audible cracking) with movement. Physical therapy interventions have been shown to reduce OA-related pain and discomfort, increase overall functional mobility, independence, and longevity.

In many cases , physical therapy has been proven to prevent surgical interventions and patients get back to their normal life naturally, without the need of surgery or medications. A healthy lifestyle, a spirited determination and a good attitude is our recipe for recovery !


Total / partial Joint Replacement

In the very severe cases where surgery is indicated , physical therapy comes as a critical part before and after the surgery.
Most joint replacements are performed to eliminate chronic joint pain from osteoarthritis , although some are due to the severity of the injury. The most common overall joint replacements are for the hip, knee and shoulder. Physical therapy interventions are crucial to the recovery of optimal functionality, with minimal residual pain from surgery.

Pre/Post-Operative Rehabilitation
How Can I Prepare for a Surgery?


The path to recovery doesn’t have to wait until after surgery. In fact, pre-and post-operative Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Rehabilitation NYC are two aspects of the surgical experience that we at Hands of Hope NY know are crucial to achieving a successful recovery.

Most of us are familiar with a comprehensive postoperative Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Rehabilitation program designed to promote healing, reduce pain and swelling, restore joint mobility, flexibility and strength.

However, many of us are not aware of the benefits of a structured preoperative or ‘pre-habilitation’ program.

This is a program designed by your physical therapists, which is essential for a shorter and stronger recovery, and which is issued before surgery, so that you can achieve your optimal outcome after surgery.

Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Rehabilitation NYC
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More about Physical Therapy Recovery

Post-Op Rehab

What Do I Do After Surgery?

Physical therapy is typically indicated following orthopedic surgery, such as hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, hand, neck, foot, ankle, and spine surgery, to facilitate rapid recovery. 


Physical therapy can start anywhere from a few hours to a few days after surgery, but in some cases there may be a period of immobilization after surgery.


At Hands of Hope PT NY we constantly remind everyone that the ability of a patient to regain movement and strength. How fast they can ultimately return to their daily activities, depends heavily on physical therapy. 

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Without specific retraining, the body will not regain normal motion.

Physical therapists are specifically trained to restore range of motion and strength without abnormal body compensations and to prevent re-injury during recovery.

After a thorough assessment by the physical therapist, objectives will be set to minimize the adverse effects of surgery, such as pain and swelling, and to restore normal movement, flexibility and function. The therapist and the patient will work together to set functional objectives related to the resumption of normal life activities and the prevention of recurrence of injury.

Post-Op Therapy

Therapy is often divided into different phases.

The first comes immediately after surgery, when the body part can be immobilized while the pain and swelling go down.

Then comes a series of progressively challenging exercises and manual techniques aimed to restore range of motion, stability, and strength.

The final goal is to bring the patient back to pre-injury activity level and to a stability level that will to prevent injury or deterioration.

N.B: Physical therapy is not just indicated after joint replacement but rather indicated after a wide variety of Common surgeries such as :
-Ankle instability
-Hip and Knee replacements
-Back surgeries

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