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Neurological Rehabilitation is one of the wide physical therapy specializations. Depending on your condition, we customize rehabilitation programs that aim to restore your normal function and help you adapt in your daily life activities.

At Hands of Hope Physical Therapy NYC, our main goal with neurological patients is to improve their quality of life and to help them do the things they love.

Other common neurological conditions;

– MS, Parkinsonism,

– Ataxia,

– Gullian Barré syndrome

Stroke Recovery Physical Therapy NYC

Life after a Stroke


At Hands of Hope NYC patients come to us after all types of traumatic events and medical conditions. We can handle a range of serious medical issues including a stroke. The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help reconnect the brain to the body, help to regain and re-learn abilities that have been impaired following a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) also known as a mini-stroke. Stroke rehabilitation focuses on restoring independence and improving the overall quality of life.The nature of stroke complications and the ability of each person to recover differs greatly, so the treatment program of each individual is customized for them to maintain their optimal rehabilitative potential.

Treatment for Stroke


Depending on the zone affected and the degree of spasticity, there are several approaches to stroke recovery. The recovery plan is often customized to each individual case, but most cases include gait training, Activities of daily living or ADL-specific training, exercises aimed at recovering Range of Motion (ROM), strength and flexibility, electrotherapy aimed to promote nervous pathway connections and even aquatic therapy physiotherapy to enhance equilibrium, tolerance to weight bearing, strength and mobility. These are all advanced physical therapy treatments that will help you function as normally and as independently as possible.

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