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Gait Dysfunctions

Gait dysfunctions treatment nyc

To walk normally is important to your overall health. A gait dysfunction is a pattern of walking that differs from the standard pattern of walking. Gait dysfunctions change the correct alignment of the body, raising the tension exerted on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. This can result in walking problems, discomfort, and exhaustion for long periods of time, and is one of the most common causes of falls.

Injuries, reduced range of motion following surgery, compensatory methods to overcome pain, or poor biomechanical alignment due to genus valgus/varus or scoliosis are several causes of gait dysfunction.

Physical therapy for body specific injuries focuses on treating the affected body part but also taking in consideration the other body parts that become compensated as a result of this certain injury. This holistic approach treats the patient as a whole focusing on its specific injury, but also avoiding and correcting any compensations to achieve the maximum results .


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Gait and Balance Dysfunctions

Common Types of Gait Dysfunction 


Short length of pace, tends to walk with a limp, sometimes uses an assistive device such as a cane, or feels the need to retrieve things while walking to maintain stability. In one of their legs, a person with antalgic gait dysfunction has pain that is intensified when carrying weight, such as walking. Arthritis or even serious injury are potential causes.



The features of this gait disorder are irregular and unpredictable stride patterns. A malfunction of the ataxic gait is often the result of central nervous system damage or vestibular impairments such as vertigo.



Parkinson’s Disease is associated with this form of gait disorder, where people make very small movements due to a deficiency in their nervous system. Individuals may take quick, short steps while walking, and may even shuffle.

Steppage (Neuropathic):

Foot drop is a key component of this gait dysfunction and is the result of not being able to lift the ankle high enough to clear the ground, which means that it is overcompensating by lifting the hip higher and taking a larger step. This is another dysfunction that most often occurs from a stroke or other deficiency in neurology.

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