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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur in both men and women. It is normally a result from trauma such as childbirth or accidents that result in injury to the pelvic region and abdominals, or from improper heavy lifting techniques. Properties of pelvic floor dysfunction include incontinence, difficulty controlling bowel and bladder release, painful urination, lower back pain, and sexual side effects in the form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) for men or pain with intercourse for women. 

Physical therapy interventions can be used to target pelvic floor dysfunction, with an average of 75% of patients who undergo PT for pelvic floor reporting significant overall improvement and functionality. At Hands of Hope, our goal is to anticipate the condition with pre-operative care, and provide aggressive therapeutic rehabilitation to return you to normal function. 

treatment in Pelvic floor dysfunction for men

The treatment program for male patients with pelvic floor dysfunction begins with a regimen of medications like Viagra. We will also write a prescription for a VED (vacuum erection device) which is often used to aide in retraining the nerves involved in maintaining an erection.

Often times prostate surgery is recommended, in these cases you will be encouraged to discuss your anxieties and concerns about prostate surgery and subsequent sexual function with your physician, and we will work with you to answer these concerns or refer you to a counselor for psychological support.

treatment in Pelvic floor dysfunction for women

Pelvic floor rehabilitation for women focuses on strengthening the muscles of the abdominals and pelvic floor. Treatment interventions include external and internal methods. Most women feel more comfortable starting with noninvasive external interventions such as exercise and biomechanical training. For those with more severe pelvic floor dysfunction and pain that does not subside with external interventions, internal pelvic floor treatment is recommended in the relieving symptoms. Although it is minimally invasive, our specialized therapists on site practice with the utmost care and respect for the patient, and make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

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