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Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain and Who Needs It?

Back pain is relatively common, and experts estimate that over 80 percent of persons suffering from low back pain at some point in their lives.

If your gluteal muscles are weak, you may experience pain in your low back and have trouble maintaining your balance.

This is the case regardless of the position you take, bad posture doesn’t help.

If you have back pain, it can affect every aspect of your life, which is why you need to contact Hands of Hope to start the best physical therapy for lower back pain as soon as you possibly can.

Reasons behind back pain:

Both the spine and the back are parts of more complex anatomy, which means that both of these areas have the potential to be harmed by a number of different conditions.

Included in this category are injuries caused by:

⦿Sports injuries.
⦿Diseases of the bones.
⦿Renal infections.
⦿Excessive body weight.
⦿Bone weakness.
⦿Repetitive movements.
⦿Poor posture or ergonomics.
⦿Ongoing strenuous exercise.

These are all factors that might lead to a steady decline in back function over the course of time.

Lower Cross Syndrome is also a common cause of back discomfort experienced by people.

Due to the fact that it is caused by persistently poor posture, this ailment is common in persons who spend extended periods of time sitting.

As well as in athletes and those who are getting on in years, because these groups prefer to sit for long periods of time.

This imbalance causes your joints to become dysfunctional, and there are anomalies in the length and tension of the muscles in your back and torso as a result of these changes.

The benefit of physical therapy for lower back pain:

⦿Personalized medical attention.

When you seek the assistance of a physical therapist, you will benefit greatly from the fact that he or she will not use a method that is generic and applies to everyone.

⦿Reduced levels of pain.

Your gait, the way you move when you walk or run, as well as how you stand up from sitting and lying down positions, will be evaluated during a session of physical therapy.

Because of this, they are able to make recommendations for workouts that will reduce the pain that is directly caused by your motions.

Electrical stimulation is another method that the therapist might employ to help restore function.

⦿Mobility has been restored.

Not only can physical therapists alleviate patients’ discomfort, but they also investigate the reasons behind it.

For instance, if your lower back is stiff, the therapist will concentrate on loosening up that stiffness as part of their treatment plan.

If your back muscles are weak, the therapist may offer strength exercises that will help you recover your complete range of motion.

These exercises will help you heal from any injuries you may have sustained.

⦿Could prevent the need for surgical intervention.

Physical therapy is one of the most proactive ways to attempt to cure back pain in a manner that does not involve surgical intervention.

⦿Helps to lower the probability of additional harm.

Your physical therapist will take into account the fact that you are expected to do repetitive movements as part of your job tasks.

Or as part of the sporting activity, and will provide recovery stretches in order to protect your back from suffering an injury in the future.

Strengthening exercise for lower back pain:

Partial Crunches.
Pelvic Tilts.
Wall Sits.
Hip Stretches.
Knee to Chest.
Press-up Back Extensions.
Bird Dogs.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

While you are recovering fully in an environment that is supportive of you, our objective is to utilize our abilities to provide you with the highest level of care possible.

Movement and balance training and physical therapy for lower back pain can help you realize your full physical potential.

If you choose us, you will be putting yourself in the capable hands of a team that is highly trained and experienced.

This will ensure you receive the best care possible for your back pain.

Our medical staff comes from all over the world, meaning they each bring a wealth of expertise.

You are now able to begin your personalized pelvic floor treatment for women with the advice of whichever physician you feel most comfortable working with, begin your Physiotherapy treatment for back pain right now.

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