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Physical Therapy for Bone Spurs in Neck NYC and Who to Choose?

Bone spurs are frequently present in adults over the age of 60, since over 40% of the population will experience symptoms that require medical attention at some point in their lives.

These growths in your neck can become symptomatic, as they press down on nerve ends in your spine and produce pain or discomfort when you move your neck.

Bone spurs, on their own, are not normally uncomfortable, however, when they press down on nerve endings, they can become symptomatic.

Find out more about the best physical therapy for bone spurs in neck NYC and the signs and symptoms of bone spurs in the neck, as well as what causes them.

Along with, what you can do about them if the signs and symptoms are highly painful and getting in the way of your normal activities.

It is anticipated that approximately forty percent of those who have bone spurs will require therapy for the symptoms they are experiencing.

Types of neck pain:

Muscle Pain, muscle strains, sprains, and tears are one of the most common catalysts of neck pain, along with:

⦿Referred Pain.
⦿Muscle Spasm.
⦿Painful contraction of a muscle.
⦿Bone Pain.
⦿Nerve Pain.
⦿Facet Joint Pain.
⦿A muscle spasm is a sudden and spontaneous


⦿Chronic dull pain.
⦿Headaches are described as “pain that extends from the bottom of your neck to your head.”
⦿Tingling or numbness that could spread to your arms and hands.
⦿Contractions in your muscles may spread to your shoulders.
⦿Rigidity as well as a decreased range of motion (such as turning your neck side to side)

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should not hesitate to start your physical therapy for bone spurs in neck NYC.

What could lead to bone spurs?

Bone spurs can be caused by several different circumstances:


The ligaments in our joints become laxer as our discs degenerate, and as a result, our joints are not as stable as they should be.

The body makes an effort to strengthen the ligaments so that they can better connect the bones.

After some time, specks of bone will begin to grow in the swollen ligaments.

Pressure is exerted on the spinal cord and the nerve roots as a result of the thickening of the ligaments and the formation of new bone in that area.

⦿Disc and joint deterioration.
⦿Poor posture.
⦿Birth defects.

In addition, the presence of certain conditions can increase the likelihood of the development of bone spurs, these disorders include:

⦿Spinal stenosis.

How to avoid bone spurs?

There are many things you could do when it comes to avoiding bone spurs that can lead to muscle pain as a compensation

A few of them are weight loss, If necessary, exercise, maintaining a good posture, and making stretching part of your everyday routine to prevent injuries.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

After knowing the different types of neck pain, at Hands of Hope, we work hard to give our patients access to services of the highest possible standard.

Get in touch with us right now if you’re looking for the best physical therapy for bone spurs in neck NYC.

Our staff of physical therapists has received extensive training in Manual therapy, and they are committed to delivering the highest possible standard of care.

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