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Pelvic Organ Prolapse Brooklyn

Women’s bodies are so unique, and they have great strength, but with giving birth. Besides, having to go through many hardships during pregnancy and such, their health gets severally affected.

The most persistent risk factors for prolapse development include vaginal childbirth, advancing age, and excessive weight gain.

The problems that might come to women after bearing a child are known to be horrific for many females.

One among many discomforts is the risk of having pelvic organ prolapse, but now with Hands of Hope, you shouldn’t worry at all.

As we have the most professional doctors to treat pelvic organ prolapse Brooklyn.

What is pelvic organ prolapsing?

Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition that only affects women. It occurs when the tissues that support the organs in the lower abdomen loosen.

The lower abdomen may loosen because of many reasons but mainly excessive rest.

The organs descend and press against or bulge into the vagina when they relax too much, which causes a lot of difficulties.

Symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse

⦿A sense of heaviness around your lower abdomen and genitals.

⦿A pulling sensation inside your vagina, as if something is coming down into your vagina – It could seem like you’re sitting on a little ball.

⦿Having a bulge or lump in or coming out of your vagina.

⦿Numbness or discomfort during sex.

⦿Peeing issues, such as feeling as if your bladder isn’t emptying completely.

⦿Needing to use the restroom more frequently.

⦿Spilling a bit of pee when you cough, sneeze, or exercise

If you feel any of these symptoms, you should go on and check Hands of Hope, as we offer the best pelvic organ prolapse Brooklyn treatment.

How to prevent pelvic organ prolapse from happening?

Although you can’t always prevent pelvic organ prolapse from happening, still, you could do the best you can to maintain the health of your genitals in general.

Here are a few tips that will help reduce the risk of having such discomfort:

⦿Regularly perform Kegel exercises.

Such exercises can help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which is especially important after having a baby.

⦿Constipation treatment and prevention.
⦿Lift correctly and avoid heavy lifting.
⦿Coughing must be controlled.
⦿Lose weight, if you are overweight, and avoid gaining it back.

Hands of Hope is your best choice for treating pelvic organ prolapse Brooklyn.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

Our goal is to use our skills to provide you with the finest possible treatment while you recover completely in a supportive environment.

Physical potential can be maximized through careful movement and balancing practice.

Choose us and put yourself in the capable hands of a highly trained and experienced team to offer the best pelvic floor rehabilitation near me.

As our medical staff comes from all over the world, they bring a wealth of expertise and a diverse range of cultural viewpoints that will help put you at rest.

You can now begin your personalized treatment program for pelvic organ prolapse Brooklyn under the supervision of whichever physician you like. So, begin your Pelvic floor therapy NYC right away.

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