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Passive Physical Therapy NYC

People who suffer from lower back aches frequently lack knowledge regarding how to obtain long-term treatment.

If you’re in this much pain, the only logical conclusion is that you’ve had enough of allowing your condition to dictate the course of your life.

Passive forms of physical therapy could be beneficial to your overall healing process.

Hands of Hope is the most professional physical health center, especially when it comes to passive physical therapy NYC.

What is passive physical therapy NYC?

Passive physical therapy implies that the patient is the subservient recipient of treatment, or that they are having the treatment done to them, rather than performing the action themselves.

It is generally intended for acute pain, such as lower back pain after a strain, rather than chronic issues.

Passive therapy techniques, also known as modalities, are frequently used under the guidance of a chiropractor.

If you’re in New York area, you should look into passive physical therapy and give it a shot.

We recommend Hands of Hope which is the best place for passive physical therapy NYC.

Types of passive physical therapy

⦿Heat or ice therapy

Cold or ice packs are used on the affected area in this type of therapy to help reduce pain.

Heat packs, on the other hand, can be used to increase blood flow to the affected areas and other portions of the body to loosen any stiff muscles.

Depending on your injury or desire, you may discover that cold and hot therapy are alternated in some circumstances.

⦿Massage treatment

As you may be aware, massage can help to relax and loosen the muscles, which can help to reduce pain and stiffness.

When a therapist is treating neck discomfort, they may find it necessary to massage the back of the neck as well as the surrounding areas.

Such as the shoulders, back, and sections around the back of the head.

Further types:


In this situation, a therapist applies a cold gel to the swollen or painful area before gently rubbing a device against the skin while sending particular soundwaves into the tissues.

This procedure may cause you to feel warm sensations that relieve pain and relax your muscles.


This type of therapy employs a unique gadget that sends mild electrical current to the affected areas via special connections.

Electrotherapy can be used for a variety of purposes, including triggering muscular contractions, and changing pain signals.

Delivering pain relief medicine through the skin, and promoting tissue healing.

⦿Passive Range Of Motion

This type of therapy is frequently mistaken for “active range of motion.” Passive range of motion therapy is when someone physically moves or stretches a part of your body, such as your leg or arm.

Active range of motion refers to the ability to move a body component by contracting your muscles.

A physical therapist or a specialized machine can help you treat your joint injury by expanding the range of motion of the joint and the afflicted ligaments.

The goal is to return you to your pre-injury baseline, before beginning therapy.

A professional must assess the level of movement in the affected body part to determine whether there is a limited range of motion.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

Your well-being is our priority, our experienced doctors follow an individualized philosophy, where a customized treatment plan is provided according to your therapeutic needs.

As we enjoy working with individuals, we utilize only the most effective approaches to assure their well-being.

We are considered to be one of the most efficient places when it comes to therapeutic exercises NYC.

While creating hundreds of jobs, we are promoting diversity and acceptance in the healthcare business.

More than eight locations in New York City, with more on the way.

We offer the most professional passive physical therapy NYC you will ever experience, along with active Physical Therapy.

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