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Crown Heights Clinic, Brooklyn

Crow Heights is our flagship location. From there, we grew more , we learned and we developed. 
Most importantly we built a family of patients that we are proud to have

  • The staff is so welcoming, and the physical therapists and assistants are great. I worked with Dr. Patel for a majority of the time, and she really listened to my needs and created a recovery plan that challenged me. So grateful to be getting back to the stage with the help of this amazing place.

    Breana Moore Avatar
    Breana Moore
  • I love hands of hope therapy so much! everyone is kind and very attentive to my needs and has most definitely help my lower back pain tremendously. you can sense their love and concern each step of the way.

    Cheyenne Avatar
  • Hands of Hope has been my saving grace. Abby is extremely knowledgeable and I’m very grateful for my time spent with her. The whole team is kind and attentive. Would recommend!

    Logan Scharadin Avatar
    Logan Scharadin
  • I love this place! Everyone is so kind and incredibly helpful and they take the time out to really get to know you. My pain is no longer there and I feel so much stronger. All the PTs listen and care about your well-being. I can’t recommend them enough!

    Amamah Sardar Avatar
    Amamah Sardar
  • A fantastic PT spot. Not only did they helped me get my knee back into shape, but I legitimately miss many of my physical therapists there as they became friends during my ~2 months of visits. You know who you are! A great place – highly recommend checking it out (any of their locations) if you need to get your body back in order.

    David Leathers Avatar
    David Leathers

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