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How to keep my lung healthy against COVID-19?

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Today we’ll learn some exercises to keep our lungs healthy, these exercises aim to:-

1- Increase your lung capacity.

2- increase force of exhalation.

3- Reduce the O2 Consumption. 

Exercises to increase force of exhalation :

1. Crook lying (as in first picture)  and put weight on abdomen as book (one pound) then pursed lip breathing. (what is pursed lip breathing?)

2. Sitting erect then pursed lip breathing against weight on abdomen as book ( one pound) then encourage cough.

3. Supine (Lying down) breathing exercise with straight leg raising (exhale with flexion and inhale with extension ) . 

4. Supine breathing exercise with flexion head and shoulders .  

5. Belt breathing (breath through abdomen) exercise from sitting , standing , walking. 

6. Paced breathing : Walking: inhale two steps, then exhale four steps. Up stairs: exhale as stepping up, then inhale and rest before the next step.

what is pursed lip breathing?

breathe in slowly through your nose for two counts, keeping your mouth closed. Take a normal breath. Pucker or “purse” your lips as if you were going to whistle and breathe out.

2- Reduce the O2 Consumption

Reducing the work of breathing by Breathing exercises mentioned previously in Leaning forward postures.

 Lastly, reduce the general body work, have sometime for your body and relax!

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