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Electrotherapy Physical Therapy NYC

Physical therapy is dedicated to improving or restoring health following surgery or in response to congenital disabilities or impairments.

To enhance a patient’s quality of life, physical therapists work with them to increase strength, range of motion, mobility, and functional abilities.

Numerous complaints and conditions can be treated with electrotherapy. These can be divided into two groups: tissue repair and pain relief.

Still, you shouldn’t wait, once you feel pain in any of your muscles you should contact Hands of Hope who offers you the best electrotherapy physical therapy NYC.

Use the newest technicians to relieve your muscles’ pain and heal, and also know the different types of electrotherapy and how to benefit from the one that suits you.

What is electrotherapy?

Electrical stimulation is used in electrotherapy physical therapy NYC, a therapeutic procedure, to treat pain and muscle spasms.

In patients who have sustained injuries, it can help prevent atrophy and increase strength.

Additionally, it aids in maintaining muscle activity, particularly in cases of spinal cord injury and stroke.

Electrodes are applied to the patient’s skin by physical therapists and other medical professionals, which causes the target muscles to contract.

The patient can preserve muscle tone and strength with electric stimulation that would otherwise deteriorate from lack of use.

Electric stimulation mimics how the body naturally exercises its muscles to produce desired results.

The muscles contract as a result of the impulses delivered by the electrodes affixed to the skin. It helps the patient move more freely and enhances blood flow throughout the body.

Injuries like sprains, arthritis, back pain, scoliosis, and sciatica are all treated with it.

What is electrical simulation?

Benefits of electrotherapy:

⦿Reduction of muscle tension.
⦿Prevention and treatment of muscle atrophy brought on by inactivity.
⦿Enhancing local blood flow and circulation.
⦿Muscle retraining with targeted stimulation.
⦿Maintaining and enhancing range of motion.
⦿Managing and minimizing pain (chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical acute).
⦿Deep vein thrombosis post-surgery prevention.
⦿Accelerating the healing of wounds.
⦿Enhancing the efficacy of prescription drug delivery through electromotor drug administration (EMDA)

Who needs electrotherapy physical therapy NYC?

Rather than being used alone, electrotherapy is frequently used in combination with other therapies.

Electrotherapy may reduce pain in physical therapy patients to the point where they can engage more fully in prescribed exercises.

As the potential dangers and negative effects of opioid (narcotic) medications have come to light, electrotherapy is one of the pain relief options that is gaining popularity.

If you think you are one of those who require electrotherapy physical therapy NYC contact Hands of Hope.

Types of Electro-therapy:

⦿Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).
⦿Therapeutic Ultrasound.
⦿Shockwave Therapy.
⦿Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

Why choose Hands of Hope?

For the comfort of our patients, our team includes professional doctors from all around the world who are all qualified for the comfort of our patients. You have the option to work with whomever you feel most at ease with.

Working with people is one of our favorite aspects of our jobs, therefore we only use techniques that ensure our patients receive the finest possible care.

Our therapeutic philosophy places a strong emphasis on manual modalities, patient education, and the best electrotherapy physical therapy NYC that is specially tailored to the needs of each patient.

We use cutting-edge techniques, the most recent therapies, and industry best practices to make sure our patients receive the most modern physical therapy rehab care possible.

Our claims are backed up by numerous patient success stories, which is essentially what distinguishes our rehabilitation center as your go-to source.

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