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No one is as hard working as New Yorkers. And all that hard work and stress builds up over time and weights on your employees, affecting their overall health and productivity and well as the company’s. Here at Hands of Hope Physical Therapy, we understand the difference a helping hand can make. So we offer corporate partnership deals tailored to uplifting your teams’ hope for working with less stress-related ailments. And the best part, the insurance coverage that you already pay to provide your employees with will cover our treatment interventions.

Too busy to send the team out to incorporate wellness into their work routine? Let us send our team to yours for the day!

For more information contact our Networking and Marketing specialists at

 mazen@handsofhopeny.com / mohamedebeido@handsofhopeny.com

Interested in keeping employees healthy and injury free from the start? Ask about our Ergonomics and Biomechanics training programs OR free P.T. screenings, designed to maintain healthy alignment in your at work practice from the start.