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Aqua Physical Therapy NYC

Whether you are suffering from sports injuries, Orthopedic conditions, or any other physical injuries, Aqua Physical Therapy NYC can be one of the most effective ways of recovery.

At Hands of Hope, we set a specific plan for every single condition, so in this blog, we are going to tell you about Aqua Physical Therapy benefits.

What is Aqua Physical Therapy?

One of the most effective techniques for regaining muscle memory is aqua therapy.

It is a program that is designed by the physical therapists according to a specific plan, to reach specific goals.

The idea behind the Aqua therapy is that the resistance of the water makes us move slowly, which gives our brains time and the ability to process the order of movement to rebuild our muscles in the right way.

Water supports weight and as the patient is submerged, gravity is resisted by the water, which also serves to manage the patient’s weight and make the movement easier

Benefits of Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy not only helps in regaining the memory of our muscles but also has too many benefits, such as the following:

⦿Helps in relaxing the entire body.
⦿Enhances circulatory function.
⦿Increasing flexibility.
⦿Balance and coordination.
⦿Muscle strengthening.
⦿Decreasing pain.

At Hands of Hope, our therapists are specially trained to provide focused workout regimens for rehabilitation of different orthopedic and neurological disorders and conditions

Medical Conditions to use Aqua Physical Therapy

Now you should be asking: “when should I look for Physical Therapy near me?”.

Well; you will need the aqua therapy in case you are suffering from one of the following conditions:

Balance disorders.
Chronic pain.
Idiopathic joint pain.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Traumatic Brain Injury.
Spinal cord injury.
Sprains and strains.
Multiple sclerosis.
Parkinson’s disease.
Arthroscopic surgery recovery.

It also helps people with the following diseases:


The good news is that; people of any age can benefit from Aqua Therapy, even children, according to special plans that take age into account.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

If you are looking for Aqua Therapy NYC, you should choose Hands of Hope.

At Hands of Hope, we provide you with the best Aqua Physical Therapy, with highly qualified physical therapists, who have treated many patients using the Aquatic therapy to regain their function and even be better at it.

We focus on one on one customized treatment plans specific to your condition and needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and start your rehab journey with us

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