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ACL Tear Physical Therapy NYC

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, runs down the middle of the knee.

It controls how the tibia rotates and moves forward, and it is important for stable side-to-side movement.

A torn ACL can cause a lot of pain, loss of mobility, swelling, and the inability to put weight on the leg.

Some people who have torn their ACL may be able to walk straight ahead quickly with the help of Hands of Hope where we offer you the best ACL tear physical therapy NYC.

What’s ACL tear?

An anterior cruciate ligament injury, also known as an ACL injury, is when the major ligament that connects your thighbone and shinbone is torn.

This type of injury is common among athletes who participate in sports that require them to make sudden changes in direction or to travel at high speeds and then make abrupt stops.

Basketball and soccer are two of the most prevalent sports that lead to tears in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), although other high-impact activities can also cause this injury.

This kind of injury is typically excruciating and incapacitating, and it necessitates a protracted period of rehabilitation and healing time.

What are ACL tear symptoms?

Any of the following symptoms could point to a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

⦿A severe ache in the knee
⦿Walking or exerting weight on the knee causes the knee to “give out.”
⦿The inability to walk or apply any pressure on the knee during the injury” Pop” in the knee
⦿Within a couple of hours following the injury, there was swelling in the knee.
⦿Lack of capacity to fully move the leg throughout its range of motion

What causes ACL tears?

An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee is typically the result of strenuous physical activity or athletic competition that places an abnormal amount of stress on the joint.

ACL tears are most common among athletes who participate in the following sports:


More things that might cause ACL tears

⦿Suddenly stopping
⦿Altering course briskly and frequently
⦿Putting the ball of your foot down to pivot
⦿Jumping and landing in the wrong place
⦿Striking the knee or leg in a straight manner

ACL tear physical therapy treatment

⦿Myofascial release and physical therapy
⦿Pain management
⦿The fields of sports medicine and recovery
Getting a massage
Regenerative medicine and other types of medicine

Now that you know everything about ACL tear and ACL tear physical therapy NYC it’s time to book an appointment at Hands of Hope.

Why choose Hands of Hope?

In order to provide, we apply cutting-edge techniques, the latest therapies, and the industry’s best practices.

Our therapeutic philosophy places a strong emphasis on the use of manual modalities, patient education, and the supply of exercises that are particularly tailored to meet the requirements of each patient.

A wide variety of therapies for ACL tear treatment are available from the team of board-certified physicians and specialists at Hands of Hope.

You may get more information about ACL tears and treatment options.

We offer the best ACL tear physical therapy NYC, with a variety of doctors that will help you step by step and make you feel at home.

To ensure the best Knee Pain Physical Therapy service; choose Hands of Hope, and put yourself in the capable hands of a highly trained and experienced team

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